Research and Coaching

1. Bitesize Research
This option is best if you have a specific query (what did granddad do in the war?, what happened to great aunt Dorothy?) or would like photos taken of a specific property (a particular church or house). I can also try and get photos of family tombstones for those who are not able to visit the grave site. My research rate is £15 ($25) per hour online or within Yorkshire and £15 per hour plus travel expenses for anywhere else in the UK.

Bitesize research is also an option if you’d like to go for a full family history package but want to spread the cost and researching over a longer time span.

2. Family History Packages
These make up the bulk of my (very enjoyable) workload. A package allows you to pay a set amount for an agreed amount of research. It includes the research itself, the creation of beautiful readable reports and charts to showcase the results of that research, copies of all the documents I locate and hard copies and electronic copies (on CD) of everything being posted to you.

I offer three packages:

The Starter Kit £60 ($95)
Back to 1911 – find out what you’re ancestors were doing 100 years ago and get all the tools you need to continue the hunt yourself! Ideal for budding genealogists or those too shy for coaching.

The Late Victorians £140 ($225)
Back to the 1880s – this traces one line of your family back over the last four or five generations to a time when Modern Britain was being born. Follow them through the census, through marriages, job changes and house moves to discover just how life has changed (or not).

The Early Victorians £260 ($418)
Back to the 1830s – follow one line of your family right back to the first census available for England and the introduction of birth, marriage and death certificates. What did your family do before factories and industrial cities changed the world?

3. Coaching and Classes
If you’re looking for help getting started with your own research or need help getting past a dead end, get in touch. I offer one to one coaching in person around the Leeds area or over the phone at £15 per hour (you can break it into 30 minute blocks if you prefer). I’m also looking into offering Family History for Beginners classes in the Leeds area.

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